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Dundrum Central

The Dundrum Central project represents a unique opportunity to transform the landmark Central Mental Hospital site. Historically inaccessible to the local community, the project will create an attractive, sustainable and integrated residential urban environment.

As a unique and historic piece of land with significant heritage value, we will sensitively integrate Dundrum Central into the Dundrum and Windy Arbour communities.

The rich history and character of the site will be complemented by a new built form nestled in an attractive, green landscaped environment. Dundrum Central will be underpinned by strong principles of inclusivity, sustainability, placemaking and design quality.

A planning application was granted in July 2022 (see June 2023 Project Update).


Some of the key principles underpinning the Dundrum Central project are described below, and these will be supplemented with further thematic ideas and concepts within the Community and Stakeholder Engagement process for the project.

The design ethos will be based around the following principles:


The rich history and heritage value of the site must be sensitively considered, respected and celebrated. Engagement with the community and working with our Conservation Architect will help to explore the heritage and design considerations and potential for reuse of historic buildings as part of developing the masterplan proposals.


Dundrum Central will deliver quality homes set within an attractive and sustainable urban environment. It will be a place where people want to live, to raise a family and be part of an inclusive community. The Engagement process seeks to be socially inclusive so that the future neighbourhood will be guided by the principles of universal design and access for all.


Placemaking is of huge importance to Dundrum Central. The success of this urban project must marry the heritage and fabric of the existing site and buildings with a vision for what can be realised. We want the Community and Stakeholder Engagement process to guide a shared vision for the identity and character of this site, complementing the highly-valued community environs in which it sits.


The success of large urban redevelopment projects such as Dundrum Central hinges on the legibility and attractiveness of their sub-components. Dundrum Central will reflect a diverse and holistic vision for a contemporary scheme set within a site of immense heritage and cultural value. The engagement process will be considerate of the cultural context, and will be inclusive to ensure the right mix of unit typologies and supporting amenities are delivered.


Dundrum Central will feature passive and active landscape areas, respecting the existing sylvan character and greening of the future development. The design will sensitively consider the heritage, setting and environment and how the development can support and enhance the distinctive character of Dundrum Central and environs.


Dundrum Central will be designed as an integrated compact urban neighbourhood, which respectfully embraces its setting within the Dundrum and Windy Arbour areas. The project’s Engagement process will hear the perspectives of the local community and stakeholders as to how this is best achieved for strong integration.