What is the objective of this project?

The objective of the project is to deliver new homes and supporting community amenities.

The project represents an opportunity to transform this inward-looking, closed off site into a new, welcoming, sustainable urban community with a distinctive identity which will be integrated into the wider community of Dundrum.

It is estimated that in the region of  1,200 new homes will be provided with supporting community amenities. The planned development is to consist of newly built homes in the grounds of CMH and the repurposing of some existing CMH buildings, particularly those buildings which are distinctive in their character and heritage, and exploring how they can be beneficially reused.

Connectivity and community integration will be important outcomes for the new neighbourhood.

What does the masterplan process involve?

The masterplan will be a blueprint for the delivery of a high-quality residential environment on these lands.  The masterplan process involves an inclusive and integrated approach to formulating a successful design for the subject lands, guiding their integration with their environs.

The LDA and Design Team will be engaging extensively with the community and relevant stakeholders. Issues to be addressed and opportunities for creative solutions will inform the direction of the overall project.

The LDA design approach aims to be inclusive and responsive to the local context and the unique opportunity that the site presents for a new distinct and integrated urban community in Dundrum.

The masterplan design ethos is underpinned by the following themes:

  • Climate Commitment: Shaping our developments to be environmentally sustainable.
  • Balanced: Quality designs and delivery methodologies to achieve value for money and enhance quality of life for the residents and wider community.
  • Specific: Achieving character, a sense of place, connection; and distinctiveness.
  • Forward Thinking: Taking a long-term focus, integrating adaptability and innovation.

What is the timeframe for delivery?

Initial designs will be developed during autumn 2020 and it is intended that a draft masterplan will be developed in quarter-one 2021. Following consultation on these, a planning application will be prepared, with its submission envisaged for mid-2021. Subject to An Bord Pleanála approval, construction is expected to commence in early 2022, with the first units expected to be made available later in 2023.

How will the project be implemented?

The project will be implemented in line with relevant planning approvals and as required under the direction of the Land Development Agency. There will be ongoing engagement with the community regarding timing and progress during the delivery phase.

What is the role of community and stakeholder consultation?

Community engagement and public consultation is important to help ensure that the views of the local community can be considered as we progress the design process for this key site.

We believe the project will be strengthened by seeking the experience of the local community.  We are planning opportunities later this autumn to hold events to seek your views as we progress the designs and plans for this landmark scheme. This is expected to include exhibitions and workshops where we can engage and listen to the views of stakeholders.

More information is available in the Community and Stakeholder Engagement Plan about the key stages for engagement and updates will be provided on this website.

How can I get involved?

We are proposing a comprehensive engagement process with the local community which will take place over the next eight to ten months, in advance of a planning application.

At any stage of the consultation you can send us your thoughts or suggestions in relation to the project.

There will be several engagement phases, starting with listening and gathering information, then outlining initial concepts and how they might look.  After considering views on this, we will return with a more detailed masterplan, and update you on how the feedback was considered in the design approach.  Again, you will have the chance to feedback on this.

Following this, we will complete our designs and make an application for planning permission.  There will be an opportunity for interested parties to make observations as part of the statutory process at this point.  Observations will be taken into account by the decision making authority in making their decision on the planning application.

We will regularly update stakeholders, using a variety of communications including, public notices, media, the project website and direct contact.  If you would like to sign up to receive updates on the project via text or email, please go here.